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Total Number of Contests:7

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Contest Date / 2023 No of Band
Peebles Saturday 2nd September 21
North Berwick Saturday 12th August 65
Bridge of Allan Sunday 6th August 30
Edinburgh Sunday 18th June 29
Innerleithen Saturday 3rd June 18
EDF Dunbar Saturday 13th May 33
LandB Indoor Solos and Full Band Indoor Saturday 1st April 22

Branch Contests

28 January 24Branch Meeting
25 February 24Branch Meeting
24 March 24Branch Meeting
30 March 24Branch Indoor and Solos
30 March 24WSD Qualifier
28 April 24Branch Meeting
01 June 24 Innerleithen
03 August 24North Berwick
04 August 24Bridge of Allan
07 September 24Peebles
29 September 24Branch Meeting
27 October 24Branch Meeting
24 November 24Annual General Meeting
24 November 24Branch Meeting

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